I love sweets, how do I avoid cavities?

The holidays are upon us and sweets abound, so how can you keep your teeth healthy? We would never recommend avoiding sweets entirely, that’s just cruel! Instead we’ll give you some tips to stay cavity free during the holidays. First, keep up with your great home care habits: brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. If you are cavity prone, using a fluoride rinse will help strengthen teeth and prevent against future decay. Try Listerine Defense or Phos Flur mouth rinse, and make sure to avoid food and drinks for at least 30 minutes after swishing. Finally, consider the frequency in which you consume sweets. Better to eat a whole piece of pie in one sitting, than to take bites over a long period of time. Follow these tips and maintain regular check-ups, and you will be healthy in 2016!

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